5 Profit-Building Real Estate Tips from Insider Bridget Springer

Metric Mortgage - Bridget Springer, Top-Ranked Southern California RealtorWhat costly mistakes do most home sellers and buyers make, and how can you avoid them? How can you get top-dollar for your home in any housing market? What insider strategies will give you more house buying power? Bridget Springer, a trusted and top-performing Realtor® featured on HGTV’s “House Hunters,” offers answers to your questions and expert real estate tips.

Though Bridget has been honing her craft in real estate for 27 years, she credits her Bachelor’s degree in business and work experience in finance for her first real estate success. She bought her first house as a young woman and made a 40% profit in only 18 months! Earning her real estate license and switching careers was one of many wise decisions she’d make.

Tip: Home buyers, play the “Game of Nines.”

A savvy buying strategy for saving time while getting what you want is Bridget’s Game of Nines. Before looking at houses, make a list of nine must-haves and nine no-no’s. She refers to it as “nine of this and none of that.”

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Metric Mortgage - Bridget and Matt SpringerBridget, a Los Angeles native, runs Springer Realty, Inc., a small independent real estate agency/brokerage in La Crescenta, California with her husband and partner Matt. They specialize in residential and commercial properties of all prices, spanning La Crescenta/La Canada, Pasadena, Glendale, and Burbank areas, even as far as Ventura.

Tip: Home sellers, make the house as home-and-garden-beautiful as possible.

Since most home buyers make up their minds before walking through the door, Bridget advises home sellers to remember first impressions and curb appeal when preparing the house. See your house through the buyer’s eyes; walk around and through the property, starting at the curb, and make the necessary improvements to increase property value and appeal.

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Tip: Choose a Realtor® who’s experienced, honest, and is willing to roll up his/her sleeves.

Bridget is honest with her clients and tells them what needs to be done to get them the best price. In her words, “I feel honesty is the best policy even if it’s bad news. Of course, good news is fun, but bad news is fixable.” She means it, too, going above and beyond for her clients, including packing, cleaning, painting, whatever’s necessary to increase her clients’ home value.

Tip: Home buyers, forget about getting “pre-qualified.”

Bridget advises home buyers to bypass the pre-qualified stage, warning it’s a waste of time for a “worthless” certificate. Instead, she recommends you get pre-approved. The pre-approval process takes longer, but everything is thoroughly verified; therefore, once you’ve got your pre-approval letter, you have real purchasing power!

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In addition to being a passionate Realtor® with a helpful business background, Bridget Springer is a wife, mother of five, and mompreneur; she’s also a dog-lover, a committee member of the Tournament of Roses, and more!

Tip: Home sellers, get top-dollar for your home in any housing market.

Home values are on the rise as interest rates and home inventory are low according to Bridget’s analysis. To get top-dollar, she advises selling your house within the first seven weeks. To do so, Bridget helps home sellers meet the following criteria:

  • Precision, competitive pricing
  • Professional standards of house cleaning
  • House easily accessible to buyers
  • Paint and carpet inviting to buyers
  • Excellent curb appeal

Metric Mortgage only works with honest, top-ranked agents who are good people and provide the best service, like Bridget Springer. Contact her to discuss your real estate needs. For your home finance needs, meet our team of mortgage professionals!

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