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2017 California Homebuyer’s Checklist

Here’s our Top 10 homebuyer’s checklist to help you flourish, and not flounder, in California’s 2017 housing market.

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True Stated Income Now Available

Buying a house just got EASIER! For the first time in years, True Stated Income is now available. This means less red tape and more opportunity for California homebuyers! See if you qualify…

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Spotlight on Top-Notch Interior Designer Jeanne Chung

Sneak a peek at cutting-edge home design products. Learn to avoid major interior design faux pas, and find out about new and exciting changes in your community!

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Leading Realtor® Fred Ashkar: How to get the best price for your home

Buying or selling a home is a huge deal. Knowledge is not only power in real estate, it’s currency. Get some.

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DIY Home Improvement and Design Tips: Easy, Stylish Stool Set

Whether you’re creative, stylish, handy, or simply love saving money, this easy-to-follow tutorial for DIY cushion stools will have you sitting pretty in no time.

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Fighting Cancer One Loan at a Time

If you are planning to buy a home or refinance your existing mortgage, we will donate 100% of the proceeds to fighting breast cancer.

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5 Profit-Building Real Estate Tips from Insider Bridget Springer

What costly mistakes do most home sellers and buyers make, and how can you avoid them? How can you get top-dollar for your home in any housing market? What insider strategies will give you more house buying power? Bridget Springer, a trusted and top-performing Realtor® featured on HGTV’s “House Hunters,” offers answers to your questions […]

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Team Selfie

We have an amazing team here at Metric Mortgage, and it shows! Here are a few of us with our preferred partner, Quicken Loans. (In the photo: Vartan Missirian, Tem Schimley, Khaled Baroud and Mark J. Hamilton)

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Metric Mortgage in Arcadia: Stop by and Say ‘Hi’!

Our new sign is up at Coldwell Banker George Realty in Arcadia. If you’re in the area, stop by and say hi to Peter Tong and Jennie Lee, two of our great loan officers!

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"Hi Mark, I will be getting the keys to my home today. I want to thank you for everything you have done. Thank you for your patience in helping me get thru this huge step in my life. You and…"

Ruben Cardenas

"Many thanks to you both for assisting me with this process. You’ve made what can seem like a daunting task very stress free. I’m very appreciative of your support and assistance every step of the way with this process. I’m very…"


"Thank you for your assistance. As always you professionalism stands above any other Loan officer we have worked with in the past. You keep us well informed throughout the process and stay true to the time line .  We appreciate…"


"Thank you Mark! You’ve been a pleasure to work with. I never imagined it would be this easy to refinance. Thanks for your services!"

Rebecca Simonson P.E., LEED AP

"Thanks for all your hard work!! We appreciate it soo much! It's been such a pleasure working with you. With soo much stress at work and planning the wedding, we were so happy to have you working diligently on our…"

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"As you are on the verge of getting ready to make what is probably the biggest purchase of your life, I would highly recommend making Mark part of your team to ensure a seamless, painless loan funding experience.  He will…"

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